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Does Resolution Really Matter?

Welp, it seem that today there are two new systems out and about, and I have to say it feels nice to see how people get up in arms about all of the hardware differences and lovely graphics that it will have. There is nothing to say that half of the players in the world that play for gameplay rather than overelaborate eye candy have no fun. However, there are some that have a sulk if there isn’t a bias toward Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo. It just seems silly that in a world where the first Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii games looked like an episode of bad CG. Toward the end of it all, the graphics changed as hardware limitations where met and developers had to optimize for space and all the lovely stuff that comes with a memory cap. To prove my point you can take a look at the game Grand Theft Auto 4 and then take a look at Grand Theft Auto V and just see the difference in the graphics quality, sound design, and gameplay. However, with this information some people still think that the new generation consoles not running at a 1080p 60FPS native is a total downfall of gaming society. This is not to say that a 1080p Mario or a 120FPS Minecraft counts, because the Wii is not hardcore and Minecraft isn’t digitally intensive. Listen if you play games solely for super HD in 3D and get really bothered by non-HD games go play Spec Ops: The Line. That game is an emotional trip all to itself. If you can play that game and ignore what you are doing within the game because no HD, then you are no step higher lunatic shooting up a movie theatre. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that having a great game in HD would be horrible, it would be fantastic. The differences in a game running at 1080p resolution with a frame rate of 60FPS do not make it better. That just makes the game more expensive. Not to speak for everyone, but I would much rather play a game with a good optimization for running that resolution than a hack job for fan service. I can make a game that runs all of that; it’ll look like crap and will not provide a good experience, but it was HD. That should not be the excuse there. Really, games should really be about fun and experience whether it be with friends or on your own, HD or not, and especially not about the graphics quality or CPU speed. Overall, it shouldn’t really matter.

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