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Angry At Nintendo Bro

Welp, it is definite that there is hypocrisy among the gaming community not only does it come with surprising amounts of bitterness and hate towards one thing and or company. There is definitely a crisis happening when the general consensus just decides to want a company to fail. It must be said that not many people will say that they do hate that company; they just go with what is popular notoriety of hate. There is nothing saying that there won’t be hate for a company, but there is something to be said for persistence.

Over the years we have seen hate for Konami, Capcom, several indie groups, women in the gaming community, flash-bangs, Ubisoft, EA, and Nintendo. Therefore I ask; is there really a concrete reason why people hated these companies for so long? -NOT REALLY- It also seems that people don’t remember why they hated these companies and lost sight of that reason. People just know that they did. However, right now I have not seen more hate for a company in our current time frame then Nintendo.

There is not really a reason or rhyme for it. It just seems that there is just hate and regret upon Nintendo. I will be quick to remind everyone that wasn’t it a Nintendo product that was the backbone of the start of the home console market. This a time where Plug-and-Play was a thing and was the main feature of many home consoles. Another feature of home consoles is being able to play on multi-player on the same box. This feature is falling out of fashion. However, I feel its funny to think at a get-together, someone wants to play a game, that doesn’t involve killing for once, and no one has another game system they just resolve to checking Facebook or making the 9th comment about the good chip dip. All-the-while, a willing member of this get-together repeatedly states how close their house is, and makes no effort to actually going and getting their game system. This is a little example of how without Nintendo, with HD 1080p, make four players on the same screen be a thing that should be incorporated into more games.

Returning to Plug-and-Play; that is a feature that now is coming back to the Nintendo systems and it is something to look forward to if you do own a system that is wonderful with kids. However, saying a good feature like this can bring up the conversation of more recent ventures of failure. For example Pokémon Bank, this service was to help players playing Pokémon catch ‘em all, pardon the expression.

It’s not everyday that a service goes down for maintenance but, when it does all one can do is wait and hope for a better experience in the end. That being said the amount of bile thrown at Nintendo was astonishing ranging from “Damn it Nintendo” to “This a sure sign that Nintendo is now going to go bankrupt”. It doesn’t help that they also stated that they are going to slash salaries. It sucks to know that all of this could have been avoided if Nintendo released the GameCube a year later because they have really been struggling to gain the limelight ever since then. Don’t get me wrong the WII did drum up a crowd, but to have no catalog of games to play on the game console was a bad move.

I hope it really gets better from here on out for Nintendo because having to tread waters right now for the console holders is looking to get very tough. I like all of the major companies and have respect for all platforms, but the one that needs help to get games is not Sony or Microsoft they have people and 3rd parties that can make games. Nintendo needs help from people and perspectives from people who are willing to make games for them. If you really would think what games would help Nintendo that right now are trying to get any type of recognition. Nintendo we want to help but you need to meet us halfway.

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