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A Little Fit Against Famous Letsplayers

Welp, in the face of everything else this super epidemic of great people and the way YouTube is placing their is because of this people like me and smaller channels on youtube now are facing shunning. Now rejoice popular names in gaming you are now placed on a pedestal as we all fade. If we don’t praise you no one will get coverage at all.

If I may I know this is well past due and everyone thinks that this is just hate that I don’t get views, but I have proof that this is not the case. I have made remixes for the Game Grumps and I have made my own music and out of all of them the remixes have most of my views. That leaves me in a quandary around making content that I want to make and be creative with what I want or pleasuring the YouTube fame. It infuriates me that creativity will get squandered in the coming years and be replaced with bland sameyness that current gamers enjoy.

Yes most will see the bland and go in search for other people to entertain them. However, out of how many millions of people will actually go and look for a channel that has less than 200 views average on every video. Even people from Rooster Teeth and I’m even sure that your friends have even told to not watch a video if it doesn’t have a certain number of views or likes.

I’m just saying that it’ll devolve very quickly to anyone who has one million subs being the only people being viewed on YouTube. So if we can tell lets players to at least give a high 5 to people trying to make it or at least give us some gristle. This is exactly why I like JacksFilms if he still does that.

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