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All The [type]-ism

Welp ...What is it right now with all the type-ism. what I mean by that is why is it that right now it's socially acceptable that just because you partake in some kind of convention, its mandated that you can now hate anyone who doesn't. this is not only flat out wrong but also ludicrous. what kind of message are you trying to send with hate towards anything. its very easy ,over the internet, to dismiss your not so loud voice and talk anonymously. However, right now there are literally people maiming others because they have an opinion.


that's not even acceptable even by horror movie standpoint and at least in those there's a point to needless violence. there is nothing more frightening than looking up news for the day and seeing that someone got stabbed by a member of "X" movement. there are too many things that can't be solved by just talking. People are allowed to have opinions on certain issues, but when it comes down to it there is nothing more terrorizing than a nation fighting against itself to see what group gets to hold the "talking stick".

The #BlackLivesMatter vs #AllLivesMatter is a good plate on which to project. This is a thing that has been going on silently over many years but just recently got way too much attention for its own good. While the intentions may be good, the way that both camps have been handling their demonstrations is horrible at best. For example the #BlackLivesMatter Camp originally started to push more investigation towards the fairness in court cases and police brutality towards black individuals. However, this group takes it upon themselves to take over any other movement gatherings like a Donald Trump rally, Freeways and LGBT marches. Now i'm not saying that this is bad, show up for what you believe in. However, if you really wanted to make a difference do organized demonstrations with police support and stuff. That way of anything happens those people are the ones looking foolish.

The #AllLivesMatter movement is really a statement to those in the #BlackLivesMatter camp. this movement was to shift the conversation away from #BlackLivesMatter and promote that everyone should be treated fairly in court and while in police custody, but that somehow made it worse. This simple general message invoked people from the #BlackLivesMatter camp to go out of there way to slander communities and make you pick sides. While I do believe in both in these movements I'm seen as a hypocrite for doing so ... WHAT?! since when does wanting the U.S. justice system do its job well in and out of the courtroom become hypocritical?

Another topic of discussion is the LGBT VS the straight populous. Yes while in some races it is seen as taboo and the standard in those families is to conform to those standards given to us from birth. there have been LGBT people since the 1960's. there no getting away from it, there is nothing that me typing away is going to sway you from your views. So, I'll just share mine in my opinion. Frankly I could care less. I almost just ended the blog at the #BlackLivesMatter vs #AllLivesMatter paragraphs. that's how much i really could not care if someone I knew were to be LGBT. They would say "Hey, I'm Gay" and I'd be like,"OK.. We still on for bowling or you afraid of losing again". That's how much I care, you are just a person to me. I personally am a christian male, hate me if you want. However, if me and you agree to go bowling with friends, for me, nothing would change if you were LGBT or not. I would matter if you being a sore loser and don't want to bowl 'because you suck or something.

Now on to the risky topic of Feminism vs apparently everyone. this is a risky one. while there are no shortage of radicals this group seems to have the most of them. I understand where incomes from but why did it evolve into a really bad show. This is a movement I supported until I saw the stain mark creeping in. If you are unaware the feminism start out like the #BlackLivesMatter movement, with good intentions equal hours and fair wages for all. then out of nowhere the radicals emerged complaining that the work is run by dicks and if you have one you should be killed in order to preserve sanctity. If you think I'm joking you haven't been on the internet long in which case HI Grandma. it ridiculous to think that if I try to pick up a girl take her out to dinner maybe play mini-golf or Call of Duty I can be seen as sexist. i get it these feminists are all about breaking traditional mentalities however, if you ask a bunch of them if a women should pay on the first date the majority of them will say no. then they will use circular logic and reasoning to say that you are wrong for asking in the first place. this first of all makes nonsense and then make you sound uncredible and lastly doesn't help your cause or even shine a good light in your direction.

In totality as someone who does anything on the internet to make a decent following it hurts to see a big number of people fighting over petty things. JUST FREAKING TALK IN TURNS. It's not that hard. However, I know that this list discussion can go on and on indefinitely so ill stop here. Rest Your Eyes Be Respectful Everyone And Dream.

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