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Purchasing a commission from me means that you understand and have read my terms of service

When you receive a commission from me you MUST  credit me. The very least I expect is a link to my twitter ( )

I can only take about 5 big commissions at a time. So if I'm booked I'll put you on the list, not charge you, and let you know in the order of arrival of requests. then we will talk about payment and only after I have been paid will I start making the commission

Purchasing a commission from me means that you understand that I retain the rights of resell. I also hold the copyright of the song I make for you. Which means that if you want to resell you MUST  ask me first. 

Under no circumstance can you use my music in association with NFTs or anything of the like.

ALL  BGM commissions are paid in full upfront. 

When you commission me please be available at some point to go over your piece. I will not proceed in any capacity to make the music if you ignore me trying to get in contact. If you decide to do this and I don't hear from you in a week or two, I will delete the commission, issue a refund, and NOT  take a return commission.

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